real estate + passion

So, I’m passionate about real estate in general, and specifically about helping people build long-term wealth by investing in rental properties.  In addition to all of that, I really enjoy the fact that being a Realtor allows me to help people buy and sell their personal residences, too.  This is such an important investment, and it’s risky to trust those transactions to just anyone (or to chance).  I highly recommend that you utilize the professional services of licensed Agents, Inspectors, Appraisers, etc.

Anyway, this weekend I enjoyed taking a look at a few potential investment homes.  This one is near Beach Street and N. Tarrant Parkway in North Fort Worth.  Taking a quick look prior to obtaining a professional inspection, I’d say that it needs around $10K of work in order to be a nice, solid rental home.  It’s on a corner lot, has 1,700+ square feet of living space and even has a two-car garage.  The asking price is around $85K.  So, there are some pretty good deals out there these days.  🙂



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