Dusting-off the ol’ cobwebs…

Springtime in Texas brings warmer (sometimes even hot) temperatures, seasonal allergies, some scary weeds in my backyard, and best of all, GREAT weather to get back into an outdoor exercise routine.  Whether it’s a walk around the block, a 5K run, some bicycling or even some tennis or golf, hopefully all of you out there have developed at least a “like” for an activity that energizes you and helps maintain good cardio health.

For me, it’s cycling and running, or as my wife likes to sometimes call it, “jogging”.  Actually, although I’m WAY too young to remember the era, I think that might be a term from the 1970’s conjuring up images of way too-short running shorts, some striped tube socks, and maybe even a cropped t-shirt with a big Nike swoosh on the front.  😉

Personally, I’m looking forward to a couple of my favorite Springtime running/cycling events, so please check them out – I’d love to see you there:

First, on Saturday, April 14th at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth is Race for the Cure.  Of course this is a great cause and is a very well-organized fun event.  You can walk, run or even “jog”.

Then, in cycling-land my Springtime favorite is Germanfest in Muenster, TX.  The ride is on Saturday, April 28th and typically features some “nice” challenging hills, beautiful countryside {with cows), and a bunch of strong winds.  Afterward, you join the in-progress Germanfestival (is that a word?), which is great, great, great fun!  By the way, Germanfest also features a run / walk event for you non-cyclists out there.

So, get out there and enjoy one of the best months of the year to be outdoors in Texas – I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at one of these events!  Tap me for additional info – it’d be great to hear from you…



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