Some things to consider + a June 2012 market update video

See below for a June 2012 Real Estate Market Update Video, but first…

If you’re thinking about buying and you’re wondering what pushes others to jump off of the fence and buy now, here’s some insight into the top 3 reasons that impact a buyer’s sense of urgency:

1.)  Excellent Market Conditions – Interest rates are at record lows and home prices are bouncing along what experts believe to be near-bottom.  So, there has never been a more affordable time to buy a home.  With our DFW market moving into a seller’s market, the chance to cash-in on this historic time may be narrowing.

2.)  Having the Freedom to Move – First time homebuyers often wait for their lease to expire, not realizing that buying sooner is an option.  Sometimes paying for a bit of ‘unused’ rent is a small price to pay for getting the right home under the best terms (financing) now.

3.)  A Major Life Event – Often a major milestone or development spurs the need to purchase at a specific time.  Getting married, having children, and downsizing are some of the triggers creating a need (or desire) to buy now.

Click here for the June 2012 Market Update video from Keller Williams:

Thanks very much for reading – get out there and enjoy some summertime!


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