Better-looking in real life than in photos!

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I had an hour or two available last Sunday afternoon, so I decided to visit a few open houses in a couple of my ZIP code specialty areas (areas where I already have listings currently on the market).  My time spent doing this was a win-win-win.  Here’s why:

1.) As a REALTOR, gaining local market insight ALWAYS results in better experience for my clients (both buyers and sellers).  Don’t you want someone working with you who knows the local market inside and out AND has seen the local inventory in-person?

2.) I met some great Agents from other Brokerages and we shared tips and info with each other.  At the end of the day, all of us professionals should have the same goal: successfully help our clients navigate the local market with the least amount of stress possible (and help them keep as much money in their pocket as we can).

3.) I saw some amazing homes which actually look better in-person than online (by the way, it’s sometimes the other way around in the day-to-day of our biz).  🙂  See the slideshow (above) of the 3 homes I visited in N. Fort Worth (two in 76244 and one in 76177).  Sizes ranged from about 1,600 sq feet at $149K all the way up to 3,200 sq feet at $175K (TONS of space for the family at just $54 per sq feet – WOW)!

Connecting clients with their next home or helping them sell their current one is so satisfying – I love my job!  I’m looking forward to being of help to you or to someone that you know.  Have an awesome week!


You can do it – set a goal and create your downpayment

Hello, everyone! Since I’ve been working with several first-time home buyers over the past few months, I thought it would be good to provide some steps and strategy for generating your necessary downpayment funds:

1.) Lay it all out on the table – find out where you currently stand with regard to credit record, monthly income and bills. Taking an honest look at your current overall financial picture is POWERFUL!

2.) Set a deadline – the “D” word – it can be a GREAT motivator! How quickly do you want to have the funds together and begin shopping in earnest?

3.) Create a separate downpayment bank account or “piggy bank” to segregate the funds.

4.) Take a look at your bills, especially credit cards (interest payments delay your progress and really impact your debt-to-income ratios). Make a list of your creditors, how much you owe, interest rate, and monthly payments. Use a debt snowball plan to eradicate them one by one.

5.) Automate your savings – once you determine the amount per pay period (or per month) that you’d like to save for your downpayment, have it automatically deposited in savings BEFORE you have the opportunity to spend it on another latte, pair of shoes, iTunes downloads, etc. 😉

6.) Create a graphic representation or reminder of your goal – put it on the bathroom mirror or your fridge. Update it weekly showing the incremental steps that you’re making toward the goal and deadline (it’s VERY motivating to see your progress in black and white)!

I realize that saving in advance for something you really want can seem un-American, but it’s the way to go if you want to build wealth. 😉 Saving for a home, although challenging, is so very rewarding, too. Know that I am on your side and here to help when you have questions. By the way, when the time is right I’d be happy to connect you with a trusted, down-to-earth mortgage loan professional. I have a list of pros who provide EXCELLENT service to my clients every day…

Set a goal and make it happen!

Did someone say location, location, location PLUS tasty Italian food?


Did someone say location, location, location PLUS tasty Italian food?

Well, 98.23% of you have probably heard the “location, location, location” principle when talking about real estate. Why is it so important? Quite simply, it’s the one thing about a property that cannot be changed – ever.

So, for your consideration, here is my latest N. Fort Worth listing in The Villages of Woodland Springs (Keller schools). It’s situated with easy access to I-35W, Hwy 170/114, and Hwy 377. It’s around the corner from a brand-new Kroger Marketplace and my favorite little local Italian place EVER: Oliva Italian Eatery. Don’t miss Chicken Oliva and the creme brulee – oh, my!

Need more reasons to take a look at this spacious 2,800+ sq ft home priced at less than $65 per sq ft? Here are more photos and specs. Give me a shout if you have questions or would like to arrange a personal tour.  Have an awesome day!