Q: Want maximum exposure to sell your home? A: Of course!

home audio tourOne thing I really enjoy doing for home sellers who entrust me with the marketing and sale of their home is to expose it to every possible shopper and buyer in the marketplace.  Here are some of the specific things I do (besides the usual listing on Realtor.com, etc.):

  1. Register the web address for the home’s physical address so that it’s easy to remember and share.  Click here for an example: www.2509TrailheadDrive.info
  2. Use QR codes on all home flyers which can be scanned by smartphones.  These codes allow a home shopper to instantly access details and photos of the property right there on-site.
  3. Utilize a voice response system on signage for each listing.  By dialing a phone number, interested buyers hear my recording which highlights key features of the home. PLUS, they can press “2” from a mobile phone to receive an instant text message with a link to the home’s details and photos. Go ahead – try it out by calling the number on the sign in photo above.  🙂

I’m enthusiastic about using both “old” and “new” methods to spread the word about listings so that BUYERS can be found as soon as possible!  Don’t you think that home sellers AND buyers deserve the best service available?

Have an awesome day!




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