Timeless wisdom from Mr. Zig Ziglar


Timeless wisdom from Mr. Zig

Although I haven’t been a Zig devotee very long, I downloaded his latest book a few months ago and began to make my way slowly through the simple, but profound wisdom on each page. Since his memorial service is tomorrow (12/01/2012) in Plano, TX, I was just sitting here thinking about his amazing legacy!

In Born to Win, Mr. Ziglar talks about the “no pain no gain” aspect of exercising your brain and compared it to physical exercise. He outlines the importance of forcing yourself to think in ways that might be a bit uncomfortable. First, “…continually add new information that your brain can process.”  “The second objective in brain exercise is processing all of the new information you gain and applying it to your life.”

Do you find benefit from exercising both your body and your mind? I definitely do!

Zig’s legacy definitely lives on and I’m thankful that his body of work is available to enrich lives for generations.


Little things that make a big difference

Little things that make a big difference

Have you ever had a small techno improvement at work that ultimately made your life a lot easier (once you overcame the hurdle of learning how to use it)?

Well, our local association of Realtors hosted a mandatory event this week where we surrendered our old electronic home access key device (it looked like a pager from the 1990’s, and it had to be manually updated weekly via a usb cable using a PC).

In exchange, we were handed this nifty little dongle which you carry on your keychain and plug into the bottom of iPhone whenever it’s time to show a home to a client. An application on the phone talks with this attachment which then sends an unlock signal to the lockbox on the home.

No longer will I be “that guy” who forgot to update his old-timey device before heading out to show some homes to clients. The best thing? I always have my keys and phone with me, so I don’t have to remember to bring along yet ANOTHER device. Simple!

I’m thankful for the the little things that make a BIG difference in my business every day!