Little things that make a big difference

Little things that make a big difference

Have you ever had a small techno improvement at work that ultimately made your life a lot easier (once you overcame the hurdle of learning how to use it)?

Well, our local association of Realtors hosted a mandatory event this week where we surrendered our old electronic home access key device (it looked like a pager from the 1990’s, and it had to be manually updated weekly via a usb cable using a PC).

In exchange, we were handed this nifty little dongle which you carry on your keychain and plug into the bottom of iPhone whenever it’s time to show a home to a client. An application on the phone talks with this attachment which then sends an unlock signal to the lockbox on the home.

No longer will I be “that guy” who forgot to update his old-timey device before heading out to show some homes to clients. The best thing? I always have my keys and phone with me, so I don’t have to remember to bring along yet ANOTHER device. Simple!

I’m thankful for the the little things that make a BIG difference in my business every day!


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