Still on the fence about selling your home or buying one? The market is shifting.


Still on the fence about selling your home or buying one? The market is shifting.

Well, what an interesting early 2013 real estate market it’s been so far! Home prices are on the rise in most areas and there aren’t enough homes to go around (classic supply and demand concept), AND mortgage interest rates are STILL at near all-time lows!

What does all of this mean? Well, home sellers who’ve been on the fence about putting their home on the market might should consider making the leap soon (since supply is low and sales prices are on the rise). Home buyers should consider buying now BEFORE the Spring season kicks-in and while mortgage interest rates are still so low.

In several cases, I’m having trouble finding available homes for my buyer clients right now. Do you know anyone who’s considering selling? I need to talk with them, please. 🙂

Have an awesome day out there!

P.S. Today’s graphic was provided by Bob Paulus of PrimeLending – he gives excellent service to my clients every single day! Thanks for all of your help, Bob!

Metroplex traffic – how much extra time do you allow for urgent trips these days?


As Traffic Jams Worsen, Commuters Allowing Extra Time for Urgent Trips

Howdy!  According to this article by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, there’s a concept called the Planning Time Index (PTI): “a measure of travel reliability, illustrates the amount of extra time needed to arrive on time for higher priority events, such as an airline departure, just-in-time shipments, medical appointments or especially important social commitments.”

Have you found yourself arriving at your destination 20 or 30 minutes ahead of schedule sometimes (because you planned ahead and allowed for major traffic delays which didn’t end up being as severe)? I sure have…

Interesting article – check it out and you’ll add new concepts and terminology to your conversations this week.  🙂  Drive safely out there! More people are moving to the Metroplex area every single day, so all of us are going to need just a little bit more patience and TIME to get where we are going!

Have a productive week!

Are you a Quitter? Me? Yes, I sure am…


Are you a Quitter? Me? Yes, I sure am...

A book that helped revolutionize my thinking back in about 2010 or 2011 is Quitter by Jon Acuff (he’s a speaker and author who’s on staff at Dave Ramsey’s organization). In this simple, practical, and profound book, Jon’s basic encouragement is to fall in “like” with a job you don’t love while you spend your spare time working on a plan to ultimately pursue your passion in life full-time.

How many of us postpone our dreams day after day for the “security” of a J.O.B. only to discover one day that we are downsized, rightsized, or at the very least, not actually following our calling?

If you’re interested in a resource that can help you hold-on to where you are and have a good attitude about it, while simultaneously encouraging you to come up with a workable plan to ultimately follow your passion, Quitter is awesome!

Have an awesome week being faithful where you currently are in life, but don’t be afraid to believe in a brighter future, too. Do enough dreaming followed by planning and action, and you could shortly be livin’ the dream!  Me?  I’m a professed quitter and proud of it.  🙂

Yee-haw! Texas has FOUR of the top TEN best U.S. cities in which to own a home!


Fort Worth Stockyards

According to a recent article on Aol real estate called, “10 Best Cities to Own a Home”, Fort Worth, TX tops the list! According to the article, Fort Worth “has the lowest median home cost on our list, a low unemployment rate, and a relatively high population growth rate, making this…an ideal place for homebuyers to settle down”.

Rounding-out the top ten cities were three other awesome Texas locales: at 3rd place, San Antonio; at 4th place, El Paso; at 6th place, Austin.

What a great state to call home, huh? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Feel free to give it a shout-out!

Have a great week!

More neighbors are heading our way, so get ready!


More neighbors are heading our way, so get ready!

The DFW Metroplex continues to attract major corporate relocation because of the favorable tax environment, our N. Texas climate, and relatively low cost of living here (including housing).

For example, see this D Magazine article which states: “Hillwood Properties inked more than 5 million square feet in deals last year at AllianceTexas, the company’s 17,000-acre, master-planned community in North Fort Worth….More than 2.3 million square feet represented new absorption, including a to-be-built 1.1 million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center. Other new tenants include Genco ATC, Martin Brower, LG Electronics, Exel, and Grainger.”

Wow – I hope the highways currently under construction here are completed SOON – we are going to need room for new neighbors!

In any case, it’s generally good news for home owners and investors alike.  If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, it just might be time to hop off of the fence and make something happen…

Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!


Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!

A Dallas Morning News article caught my eye while we were walking the Spaniels yesterday morning. So, we had Lucy pose for a pic by the news rack (did you even know that they still sell actual newsPAPERs)? Anyway, the headline: “Housing unusually hot for January”. The article says that D-FW sales jumped almost 25% from a year earlier with prices also on the rise.

Sounds like classic supply and demand to me. 🙂 Looks like we are in for a hoppin’ Spring season in the DFW housing market, huh?

Have a great week!

P.S.  Here’s a link to the news article:

Who ARE today’s home shoppers and buyers?


Who ARE today's home shoppers and buyers (statistically speaking)?

I sat down this morning over a cup of coffee and reviewed the 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of REALTORS, and I found some of the stats pretty interesting.

For example, 36% of Texas home buyers looked online as a first step in the home buying process, and the typical home buyer in Texas searched for 8 weeks and saw 10 homes before buying (on average). Also, in order to find an Agent to help them, 36 percent of Texas buyers in 2012 used a referral from a friend or family member and 13 percent used an Agent that they had used previously.

Thirty-five percent of buyers in Texas in 2012 were first-time buyers, and 69 percent were married couples. Buyers cited the quality of the neighborhood, convenience to job, and overall affordability of home were the top three factors influencing neighborhood choice.

The bottom-line: although there are lots of online resources to assist buyers with learning more about the home inventory out there and about the home buying process in general, most buyers value the expertise and guidance of a licensed Agent to help them navigate the maze and protect their best interests. 🙂

If YOU have questions, I’m here to help. Have a great weekend!