Get out of town? Well, we DID just THAT!

My wife and I along with our friend Dani took a quick day-trip on Monday to get out of town for a bit. The adventure took us to Forney, TX for some down-home BBQ and antique / funky stuff shopping at Caspar and Gerard’s Antiques Corp. They have so much cool merchandise there – it’s a bit boggling. Also, prices were reasonable in comparison with  the Deep Ellum or Lakewood shops that we’ve visited before in Dallas.  They have a car called a Trabant sitting out front – an interesting piece of German history!

What did we purchase on this excursion? A vintage German trash can to use for storage and some heavy iron letters to display on the wall in our home office.

I made a quick slideshow of our day, so take a look. I was able to be a back seat driver and get some work done on the way.

Great day! Where are some of your favorite day trip destinations?


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