Seeking your dream home this year? Go for it…

Seeking your dream home this year? Go for it...

I can definitely tell you that this year is shaping-up to be strong for real estate in DFW. As I’ve discussed with several of you lately, this Jan/Feb has felt more like a Spring/Summer market here!

As such, I want to be sure that you have resources to guide you along the way to your dream home this year. has provided a handy downloadable guide which expands upon the following 5 steps:
1.) Prepare like a pro. Make your list of “Must-Have’s” for your next home.
2.) Know what you can afford. There’ve been lots of changes in the mortgage lending industry over the past few years.  I can connect you with a truly knowledgeable mortgage professional.
3.) Take your search on-the-go. There are some excellent apps out there for your phone or tablet. BTW, has a great app!
4.) Find the right partner. Connect with an agent who’ll seek win-win solutions and always puts your interests ahead of their own.
5.) Make an attractive offer. In a competitive seller’s market, I can advise you on some of the best ways to present yourself as a bonafide buyer.

So, hop on it – go for it – just do it, etc.! 😉 I’m here for you all day, every day when questions arise. Let me know what you’re thinking, and we will make a plan to help you get to your dream home this year!


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