It’s definitely groovy, BUT is that what you’re seeking in your next home?

It's definitely groovy, BUT is that what you're seeking in your next home?

GROOVY – what a true 1970’s word! Well, I showed a home this week to a client and it had “groovy” touches all over the place. Some features were undoubtedly big attractions for the mid-70’s home shopper. It had an intercom system (I snapped the pic above), a sunken bathtub, and the massive two-sided brick fireplace which served both the sunken living room and sunken formal dining room! I almost expected to walk around a corner and find one of those Spanish-inspired knight sculptures standing guard over the place! 😉

Well, I can honestly tell you that I receive zero calls from clients who are seeking a groovy, “sunken” 1970’s home. However, if the home’s location is good, some clients do have the fortitude and resources to buy a home at a good deal and refurbish it for a more modern lifestyle.

Did you grow-up in a groovy, Brady Bunch inspired architectural wonder? If so, you might have spent quality time in a sunken family room and enjoyed some FM radio throughout the place via a high-tech intercom system like this home featured!

Have an awesome day, everyone!


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