Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners

Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners

Well, I helped one of my clients find a home to lease last year. They contacted me recently to say that they’re now very ready to buy a home. The number one reason? Their rent keeps going up, so they began evaluating how much home that they could purchase for virtually the same monthly amount. With today’s low mortgage loan interest rates factored-in, many of my clients are surprised to find just how affordable home ownership can be!

Here’s an article about the rent affordability crisis in the U.S.  Interesting reading!

So, if you’re currently leasing and would like to evaluate your options, just click HERE to begin your property search. Of course, I’m happy to answer ALL of your home ownership questions – I’ve helped so many buyers achieve their goals of home ownership over the past several months. Will YOU be next?

Call or text at any time: (972) 693-5658. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Happy house hunting!




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