Are you a Quitter? Me? Yes, I sure am…


Are you a Quitter? Me? Yes, I sure am...

A book that helped revolutionize my thinking back in about 2010 or 2011 is Quitter by Jon Acuff (he’s a speaker and author who’s on staff at Dave Ramsey’s organization). In this simple, practical, and profound book, Jon’s basic encouragement is to fall in “like” with a job you don’t love while you spend your spare time working on a plan to ultimately pursue your passion in life full-time.

How many of us postpone our dreams day after day for the “security” of a J.O.B. only to discover one day that we are downsized, rightsized, or at the very least, not actually following our calling?

If you’re interested in a resource that can help you hold-on to where you are and have a good attitude about it, while simultaneously encouraging you to come up with a workable plan to ultimately follow your passion, Quitter is awesome!

Have an awesome week being faithful where you currently are in life, but don’t be afraid to believe in a brighter future, too. Do enough dreaming followed by planning and action, and you could shortly be livin’ the dream!  Me?  I’m a professed quitter and proud of it.  🙂

Building wealth? Buy and HOLD is a proven strategy in real estate


Building wealth? Buy and HOLD is a proven strategy in real estate

All of us have been placed on hold during a phone call at one time or another, but most of us don’t find that particularly fulfilling or fun. However, as the latest book in the Millionaire Real Estate Investor series outlines, buying and HOLDing real estate in order to build wealth can be fulfilling and even a little bit of fun, too. The subtitle for this book is “How to Find, Buy and Rent Houses for Wealth”. That just about covers it.

If you’re ready to get started with real estate investing or even if you’ve been at it for a while now, I encourage you to read this one.  It’s written in a very practical, down-to-earth style with tips about how to select a location for your investments, how to determine if a property is a good deal, how to manage your cash flow, etc. I’ve read a bunch of real estate investing books, and this one is one of my absolute favorites!

Start the new year by joining me in reading HOLD over the next few weeks, and let me know what you think of it. BTW, I’m currently reading it on Nook, but it’s perfectly fine with me if you choose to enjoy it on Kindle or even good ol’ paper.  😉

Happy investing in 2013 – wishing you much success out there – make this your best year so far!

Are you bold enough to make 2013 your best year ever?


Are you bold enough to make 2013 your best year ever?

Knock, knock – 2013 is just around the corner! Are you okay with the status quo for your life, or are you interested in amp-ing it up to the next level? I return to this resource from Darren Hardy over at Success magazine year after year. SETTING goals is a great exercise, but all of us need a SYSTEM for holding ourselves accountable for results over time. Accountability is where the POWER comes full-force.

What are YOUR most crucial goals for 2013 (physical, business, relational, and spiritual)?  Go for it!  Make 2013 your BEST year EVER!

Timeless wisdom from Mr. Zig Ziglar


Timeless wisdom from Mr. Zig

Although I haven’t been a Zig devotee very long, I downloaded his latest book a few months ago and began to make my way slowly through the simple, but profound wisdom on each page. Since his memorial service is tomorrow (12/01/2012) in Plano, TX, I was just sitting here thinking about his amazing legacy!

In Born to Win, Mr. Ziglar talks about the “no pain no gain” aspect of exercising your brain and compared it to physical exercise. He outlines the importance of forcing yourself to think in ways that might be a bit uncomfortable. First, “…continually add new information that your brain can process.”  “The second objective in brain exercise is processing all of the new information you gain and applying it to your life.”

Do you find benefit from exercising both your body and your mind? I definitely do!

Zig’s legacy definitely lives on and I’m thankful that his body of work is available to enrich lives for generations.

the compound effect : simple, powerful

So, here’s another post continuing the story of how my life’s been overhauled over the past couple of years.  After I subscribed to Success magazine in 2010, I was introduced to a (then brand new) book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – he’s the publisher of Success magazine.  The primary premise of this very straight-forward, practical book is: each of us has the power to design our future, and our ongoing choices will ultimately have profound effects upon where we end up in life.  In other words, our ultimate success (or, heaven forbid, failure) is our personal responsibility.

The simple, practical concepts Darren presented in the material really took root and began to overhaul my thinking about what was possible in life.

The Compound Effect

So – to sum-up, YOU are largely in control of your future success or failure, and the seemingly unimportant, insignificant choices that each of us make on a minute-by-minute, hourly, and daily basis have significant, far-reaching implications for our future.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.  Thank you for reading, and go make today an awesome day!


Hi, everyone!  Well, although I’ve never really considered myself to be a writer, but more of a student of life, I realize how important of an outlet writing can be (and how the lives of people can really benefit from reading about the experiences of others).  Over the past two years, my life has been totally transformed by some reading that I sought.  My hope is that you might pick up some useful tidbits for yourself.

In early 2010, a magazine cover caught my eye at my local Barnes and Noble.  It was Dave Ramsey on the cover of Success magazine.  Since I was familiar with Dave and his Total Money Makeover, I nabbed a copy of the mag, having never even heard of Success.  I read the issue cover to cover and quickly became a subscriber.  The limitations of my thinking began the process of being expanded month by month.  In a future post, I’ll tell you about the book that became the big catalyst for change in my life.