Some Call It Retro Fabulous But What Do YOU Think ?


Over the summer, I’ve shown some cool retro-fabulous properties everywhere from Hurst in the mid-cities to Lake Highlands near White Rock Lake in Dallas. Some clients love to see original details like pink tile in the bathrooms or a charming original fireplace. Other clients just plan to completely update the property. Read more here, and have a great week!


Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners


Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners

Well, I helped one of my clients find a home to lease last year. They contacted me recently to say that they’re now very ready to buy a home. The number one reason? Their rent keeps going up, so they began evaluating how much home that they could purchase for virtually the same monthly amount. With today’s low mortgage loan interest rates factored-in, many of my clients are surprised to find just how affordable home ownership can be!

Here’s an article about the rent affordability crisis in the U.S.  Interesting reading!

So, if you’re currently leasing and would like to evaluate your options, just click HERE to begin your property search. Of course, I’m happy to answer ALL of your home ownership questions – I’ve helped so many buyers achieve their goals of home ownership over the past several months. Will YOU be next?

Call or text at any time: (972) 693-5658. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Happy house hunting!


Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!


Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!

A Dallas Morning News article caught my eye while we were walking the Spaniels yesterday morning. So, we had Lucy pose for a pic by the news rack (did you even know that they still sell actual newsPAPERs)? Anyway, the headline: “Housing unusually hot for January”. The article says that D-FW sales jumped almost 25% from a year earlier with prices also on the rise.

Sounds like classic supply and demand to me. 🙂 Looks like we are in for a hoppin’ Spring season in the DFW housing market, huh?

Have a great week!

P.S.  Here’s a link to the news article:

Who ARE today’s home shoppers and buyers?


Who ARE today's home shoppers and buyers (statistically speaking)?

I sat down this morning over a cup of coffee and reviewed the 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of REALTORS, and I found some of the stats pretty interesting.

For example, 36% of Texas home buyers looked online as a first step in the home buying process, and the typical home buyer in Texas searched for 8 weeks and saw 10 homes before buying (on average). Also, in order to find an Agent to help them, 36 percent of Texas buyers in 2012 used a referral from a friend or family member and 13 percent used an Agent that they had used previously.

Thirty-five percent of buyers in Texas in 2012 were first-time buyers, and 69 percent were married couples. Buyers cited the quality of the neighborhood, convenience to job, and overall affordability of home were the top three factors influencing neighborhood choice.

The bottom-line: although there are lots of online resources to assist buyers with learning more about the home inventory out there and about the home buying process in general, most buyers value the expertise and guidance of a licensed Agent to help them navigate the maze and protect their best interests. 🙂

If YOU have questions, I’m here to help. Have a great weekend!

The right team makes all of the difference


The right team makes all of the difference

Helping connect customers with the right vendors and contractors every day is an important part of what I do as an Agent. The right team makes all of the difference, and I found that out first-hand recently when I engaged painters, carpet cleaners, lawn professionals, etc. to help Aggie and I prep our personal home to market it for lease. We didn’t “pull back the curtain” until everything was attractive and READY.

It leased in just 7 days for a great, win-win rate! Success!

In future blog posts, I’ll highlight a few of the solid professionals that I use and that I recommend to clients.  Happy new year, everyone!

One small (techno) step for my Dad…


One small (techno) step for my Dad...

My Dad is in his 70’s and loves old cars and antique stuff, so he’s often a late adopter when it comes to technology. It wasn’t too terribly long ago that I received the great news that Dad and Mom had taken the leap and bought separate mobile phones (previously they’d just shared one phone). The next milestone happened a couple of months ago when I received my first-ever text message from Dad.

The latest? A couple of days ago dad sent me this photo of their new llama baby via text after I told him that he could simply shoot a photo of their latest addition with his phone and text it to me.  😉

He’s very swiftly moving into the 21st century now, huh?

Have a great remainder of the week, everyone!