Check Out Mutt’s Canine Cantina in Uptown Dallas TX 75204


Mutts Canine Cantina Dallas TX

One of my absolute favorite spots to get a bite to eat and enjoy some great beverages in Uptown Dallas is Mutts Canine Cantina. It is located at 2889 Cityplace West Blvd in 75204, just steps from the Cityplace Uptown DART light rail station.

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A Tour of Bishop Arts District in Dallas in 30 Seconds


Over the weekend, my wife and I decided to grab some (amazing) Tex-Mex at one of our new favorite restaurants in Bishop Arts District. El Corazon de Tejas features the BEST chicken enchiladas and homemade corn tortillas on the planet! Afterward, we toured some of the nearby neighborhood and viewed a few of the currently-available properties.

Bishop Arts is a great historic neighborhood about 10 minutes southwest of downtown Dallas in Oak Cliff. It features great parks, historic homes, art, shops, and dining! My clients rave about the “town within the city” feel and great architecture. Check it out for yourself by starting your own property search by clicking HERE.

Give me a shout at ANY time – I’d be honored to be of help!

Check out my 30-second video tour with highlights from our afternoon. Enjoy!

Still on the fence about selling your home or buying one? The market is shifting.


Still on the fence about selling your home or buying one? The market is shifting.

Well, what an interesting early 2013 real estate market it’s been so far! Home prices are on the rise in most areas and there aren’t enough homes to go around (classic supply and demand concept), AND mortgage interest rates are STILL at near all-time lows!

What does all of this mean? Well, home sellers who’ve been on the fence about putting their home on the market might should consider making the leap soon (since supply is low and sales prices are on the rise). Home buyers should consider buying now BEFORE the Spring season kicks-in and while mortgage interest rates are still so low.

In several cases, I’m having trouble finding available homes for my buyer clients right now. Do you know anyone who’s considering selling? I need to talk with them, please. 🙂

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P.S. Today’s graphic was provided by Bob Paulus of PrimeLending – he gives excellent service to my clients every single day! Thanks for all of your help, Bob!

Metroplex traffic – how much extra time do you allow for urgent trips these days?


As Traffic Jams Worsen, Commuters Allowing Extra Time for Urgent Trips

Howdy!  According to this article by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, there’s a concept called the Planning Time Index (PTI): “a measure of travel reliability, illustrates the amount of extra time needed to arrive on time for higher priority events, such as an airline departure, just-in-time shipments, medical appointments or especially important social commitments.”

Have you found yourself arriving at your destination 20 or 30 minutes ahead of schedule sometimes (because you planned ahead and allowed for major traffic delays which didn’t end up being as severe)? I sure have…

Interesting article – check it out and you’ll add new concepts and terminology to your conversations this week.  🙂  Drive safely out there! More people are moving to the Metroplex area every single day, so all of us are going to need just a little bit more patience and TIME to get where we are going!

Have a productive week!

Just turn left at the Tater Junction restaurant in Aurora (Texas)…


Just turn left at the Tater Junction restaurant in Aurora (Texas)...

One thing that I love about the real estate biz is that it’s NEVER dull! It’s refreshing to get out of the city from time to time, and I was overdue for a road trip to the country. So, last Friday I traveled to a town that I’d never heard of before to preview a home for some out-of-state buyers. The home is located outside of Aurora, TX which is a “suburb” of Boyd (northwest of Fort Worth).

To get to the home that I was previewing, my GPS “lady” should have said, “turn left at the Tater Junction restaurant”, because that’s exactly what I did. 🙂

I sure enjoyed my brief visit to the countryside, and the buyers were very appreciative of the photos and video of the property that I uploaded for their review.

NEXT TIME, I’m going to stop-in and actually have a bite to eat at the Junction!

What are your favorite tiny towns (even if they’re NOT in Texas?  😉

Very different price points but with striking similarities

So, over the past three or four days, I’ve had the privilege of working with a couple of great clients who are shopping at very different price points for their next home. I showed one of them this home in SE Fort Worth which is priced at about $55K:


I showed a different client the following home in Argyle, which is priced at $980K:


Want to know what’s interesting about both of these clients?  Their goals are actually very similar and my approach with each is similar, too.  First, they want a place to call home that fits their needs, wants, and budget.  My approach?  LISTEN, and then work hard to connect each of them with some great homes while honoring their budget and wish list as much as possible.

Looking forward to helping even more clients connect with their “just-right” home in the coming year…

Happy holidays, everyone!

Curb appeal? Here’s a prime example.

curb appeal for sureI love our neighborhood.  There are many homeowners there who understand how curb appeal can really enhance the feel of the neighborhood and home resale values.  We enjoy taking our English Springer Spaniels for a run in the neighborhood, and when we do it’s so nice to see appealing homes like the one pictured above.  Since it’s currently on the market, there’s likely a little bit of extra focus on keeping the yard in top-notch shape (which is a very smart decision by the sellers).  Many studies have shown that home buyers often make their decision about a home within the first minute or two of entering the front door.  Of course the drive-up appeal can be a huge part of their first impression.

Have an awesome day!  Get outside and enjoy some of the great curb appeal in your neck of the woods…