…But This House is SO DATED!


...But This House is SO DATED!

What happens when you find a great house in a super location but it’s DATED? You nab it! Read more here: http://goo.gl/zagQFv


Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners


Rising Rental Rates Are Turning Many Renters Into Homeowners

Well, I helped one of my clients find a home to lease last year. They contacted me recently to say that they’re now very ready to buy a home. The number one reason? Their rent keeps going up, so they began evaluating how much home that they could purchase for virtually the same monthly amount. With today’s low mortgage loan interest rates factored-in, many of my clients are surprised to find just how affordable home ownership can be!

Here’s an article about the rent affordability crisis in the U.S.  Interesting reading!

So, if you’re currently leasing and would like to evaluate your options, just click HERE to begin your property search. Of course, I’m happy to answer ALL of your home ownership questions – I’ve helped so many buyers achieve their goals of home ownership over the past several months. Will YOU be next?

Call or text at any time: (972) 693-5658. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Happy house hunting!



My next home MUST have…


My next home MUST have...

Springtime is here, and I know from talking with many of you lately that your thoughts are turning to your next home. That’s awesome! Have you solidified your home’s criteria yet? Well, location and price are huge factors for most people. You want a neighborhood that’s close to work, family, entertainment, recreation, etc. As for price, none of us care to be “house-poor”. That can turn a home into more of a prison.

So, here are some other dream home criteria to consider:
1.) Type of property (single-family, town home, condo, duplex, etc.)
2.) Condition (is a fixer okay or does it need to be 100% updated?)
3.) Features / layout (you might want a 3-car garage to house your motorcycle collection or an open kitchen for entertaining)
4.) Amenities (game room, swimming pool, interior upgrades, outdoor entertaining space, etc.)

Just know that you can scale-back on some of the amenities if needed to keep you purchase within budget, but make sure you’re comfortable with the things that cannot easily be changed about the home. Location is the #1 thing that can’t be changed, so be sure to get that part right.

Have a great day, and happy home shopping to you all!


Do your homework before engaging a professional


Do your homework before engaging a professional

Are you considering making a move this year? If so, reading online reviews about an Agent, Loan Officer, etc. can really be helpful in deciding if you’d like to engage their services or not.  The right “fit” is VERY important.

I recently became a Premier Agent on Zillow.com, and several past clients graciously took time to post reviews of my services on the site. They provided insight about their home search and purchase experience. I’m thankful for their sincere, kind comments – they’ll definitely help others to decide if working with me would be a good fit.

What are some creative ways that YOU determine if a professional is right for you?


It’s awesome when a plan comes together!


It's awesome when a plan comes together!

As 2012 draws to a close, I was just thinking about some of my favorite success stories from the year, and THIS is definitely one of them. With a cat, a dog, and a baby on the way, first-time buyers Brian and Randi had the maturity and patience to wait for their “just-right” home. They worked hard for months to diligently save-up the needed funds for their down payment. Then, they found a GREAT home situated in a super school district, and their monthly payment is barely more than their rent had been!

In my line of work, it is SO satisfying when a plan comes together, and I know that they’ll be happy raising their family in their new home for years to come.

I’m proud of them – they set their goal and WENT FOR IT. Where are YOU going in 2013?


P.S.  Special thanks goes to Bob Paulus of PrimeLending for helping make Brian and Randi’s transaction go so smoothly!