The stuff that was left behind…


The stuff that was left behind...

Before I became a real estate agent, I had some ideas about what I thought they did. You know – drive people around, show a few houses, write a contract, attend a closing, etc. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s MUCH more than that. For example, one key thing that I quickly learned is that the real estate business is as much about FINDING clients as it is DOING the business of real estate.

So, what am I doing at this moment? Boxing-up some keepsakes and personal items that one of my buyers found in the home while moving in. The seller had overlooked them when packing and moving, so I’m delivering them to the seller’s agent (who will in turn deliver them to the seller). I imagine that there’ll be a happy reunion when this box o’ stuff gets to the rightful owner.

I know it sounds cliche, but REAL service goes WAY beyond a simple transaction. As agents, we are in the business of helping people during one of the most stressful, emotional, and exciting times of their life. What an honor! My colleagues and I at JP and Associates are Exceeding Expectations every single day.

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Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!


Good DFW housing news and a sweet poochie!

A Dallas Morning News article caught my eye while we were walking the Spaniels yesterday morning. So, we had Lucy pose for a pic by the news rack (did you even know that they still sell actual newsPAPERs)? Anyway, the headline: “Housing unusually hot for January”. The article says that D-FW sales jumped almost 25% from a year earlier with prices also on the rise.

Sounds like classic supply and demand to me. ūüôā Looks like we are in for a hoppin’ Spring season in the DFW housing market, huh?

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P.S.¬† Here’s a link to the news article:¬†

What’s driving the rising demand for rental housing?


What's driving the rising demand for rental housing?

According to recent information published by the Bipartisan Policy Center, the rental housing market is expected to remain strong for the next two decades. This is good news for real estate investors and homeowners alike. The four key groups driving the rising demand are outlined in the graphic above. They are Baby Boomers, Echo Boomers, Former Homeowners, and Recent Immigrants. For details about their study, click here.

If you’ve been considering jumping into the real estate investing world (or converting an existing home of yours into a rental), let me know. There are some amazing books and resources out there to give you a jump start. Contact me any time – I like to help!

Where do you think the real estate market is going in 2013?


Where do you think the real estate market is going in 2013?

Hello, everyone!¬† Well, according to the National Association of Realtors, 2012 was a super¬†excellent year for home affordability in the U.S. They’re predicting that 2013 will be almost as good. If you didn’t make the leap to home ownership last year, maybe it’s time to do it. Mortgage interest rates are still hovering near all-time lows, and in many areas home prices are beginning to rise. Anyway, here’s a link to the NAR press release:
Housing Affordability Index to Set Annual Record for 2012

Food for thought, huh?¬† I’m here to answer your questions…

real estate + passion

So, I’m passionate about real estate in general, and specifically about helping people build long-term wealth by investing in rental properties. ¬†In addition to all of that, I really enjoy the fact that being a Realtor allows me to help people buy and sell their personal residences, too. ¬†This is such an important investment, and it’s risky to trust those transactions to just anyone (or to chance). ¬†I highly recommend that you utilize the professional services of licensed Agents, Inspectors, Appraisers, etc.

Anyway, this weekend I enjoyed taking a look at a few potential investment homes. ¬†This one is near Beach Street and N. Tarrant Parkway in North Fort Worth. ¬†Taking a quick look prior to obtaining a professional inspection, I’d say that it needs around $10K of work in order to be a nice, solid rental home. ¬†It’s on a corner lot, has 1,700+ square feet of living space and even has a two-car garage. ¬†The asking price is around $85K. ¬†So, there are some pretty good deals out there these days. ¬†ūüôā