Why in the world would anyone want to live in Dallas?


Why in the world would anyone want to live in Dallas?

The amazing weather in Dallas yesterday prompted me to head out on an evening run with our Spaniels (Lucy and Swayze), from South Side to West End. We stopped to nab this pic along the way, thoroughly enjoying the near 70 degree January day!

I began thinking of the varied cultures, art, architecture, and of course, things to do here in Big D. For example, have you been to Klyde Warren Park yet? It’s an open-air urban park built over the top of Woodall Rogers Freeway, and it officially opened just a few weeks ago. On a super-nice day like today, you’ll find superb people-watching, art, green space, food trucks, an outdoor library, and even a small dog park! I highly recommend it.

So, why in the world would anyone want to live in Dallas? See above. 😉 Great people, weather, and, yes, lots of cool stuff to do!

What is your favorite attraction in Big D?



Where do you think the real estate market is going in 2013?


Where do you think the real estate market is going in 2013?

Hello, everyone!  Well, according to the National Association of Realtors, 2012 was a super excellent year for home affordability in the U.S. They’re predicting that 2013 will be almost as good. If you didn’t make the leap to home ownership last year, maybe it’s time to do it. Mortgage interest rates are still hovering near all-time lows, and in many areas home prices are beginning to rise. Anyway, here’s a link to the NAR press release:
Housing Affordability Index to Set Annual Record for 2012

Food for thought, huh?  I’m here to answer your questions…


Twelve tips to sell your home quicker and for more moolah!


Twelve tips to sell your home quicker and for more moolah!

Well, it’s a new year, and if you’ve been thinking of selling your home (to move-up or even to downsize), there are a bunch of factors to consider. Check out this excellent list of tips from TexasRealEstate.com:

My favorite of the twelve tips? Number 11 says, “Clean and de-clutter—neat, organized houses sell faster than those that look too lived-in.” Guess what? EVERY time I show a client possible homes for them to buy or lease, they ALWAYS choose the cleanest, most tidy one! It never fails.

Looking for advice about how to sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle? Give me a shout – it’s what I ENJOY doing every single day!

Have an awesome weekend!


A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!


A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!

Have you ever been working on a long, multi-part project, only to arrive at the last 5% of to-do items feeling a bit weary (as if you’re NEVER going to actually finish)? Well, that’s how I felt earlier this week when our home in Fort Worth was ALMOST ready for the tenants to move in, but the gas fireplace wouldn’t ignite. One call to “my” amazing technician, Daryl, and it was fixed pronto! What a relief – and it wasn’t even an expensive fix. He absolutely made my day when he sent me this photo of it actually WORKING!

So, a fire being spotted in my house? Well, it was a very GOOD thing in this case!  🙂

I know that I say this a lot, but PLEASE reach-out to your Agent or a trusted friend / associate for repair technician and contractor referrals. As Agents, it’s part of our job to maintain those connections and relationships for you.

Have a refreshing weekend, everyone!


real estate minute : did you know? : may 2012


Did you know that most of the Metroplex has now migrated from being a buyer’s market to being a neutral or seller’s market? DFW real estate is always a trip! Check out this quick video where I explain more, and let me know if you’d like the stats for your part of town!

Thanks for watching!

2012: a very strong Spring for home buying and selling


pursuing the american dreamWell, it’s been a great 2012 so far in real estate-land, everybody! In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are seeing multiple offers on homes which are priced correctly and are in move-in condition. Many of my associates have commented that this has been the best Spring season here in 4+ years!

So, are you ready to take advantage of the great selection of homes out there and mortgage interest rates that are still hovering near the lowest levels in decades?  If so, PLEASE utilize the services of a Realtor to help with your search and acquisition.  Check out the value that a knowledgeable Realtor can provide for you:

1.) They can save you lots of time, money, and frustration.

2.) They know the housing market inside and out, and often know about properties which aren’t yet listed online / aren’t technically on the market.

3.) They can help you shop, negotiate and acquire ANY home, including new construction homes and ones which are for sale by owner.

4.) They have relationships with solid, proven, professional mortgage lending representatives with integrity. This is so very key in order for you to have a smooth experience from start to finish!

5.) Their familiarity with the local market allows them to negotiate strongly on your behalf so that you don’t pay too much for your next home. Even if you LOVE the property, I don’t think many of us want to find out after the fact that we paid too much for it! 🙂

Finally, what’s the best thing about working with a Realtor? All of this help normally doesn’t cost you anything. Generally speaking, the seller pays any commission to the Realtor.

Have an awesome day, everyone. Let me know what I can do to serve you or someone that you know…


Real estate eye candy…


For you regular followers of my blog who think that viewing a sub-$100K investment home is passé, how about this little jewel?  For $1.625M, you get 5,600+ square feet of living space, 4 bedrooms, and 4.5 baths.  The stunning kitchen features 2 dishwashers and a bun warmer (I learned that when you entertain, you need a specific kitchen appliance that keeps buns warm – bread buns, that is).  😉  Every bedroom in this home has a dedicated on-suite bathroom, and the mother-in-law suite is huge!  My MIL would definitely love that…

Situated at the top of a bluff inside of a guarded section of Castle Hills in Lewisville, this home has amazing views of the golf course AND the surrounding area.  Hurry now and grab your checkbooks – I’m told that they’ll consider offers of less than the asking price so if you don’t have the full $1.6M in your bank account, that’s okay.  🙂

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a guy, but do you want to know what impressed me the most about this one?  The oversized 3-car garage with finished floors, room for a couple of Harleys, and two massive 100-gallon gas water heaters (the largest ones I’ve ever seen in a home).

Well, now it’s back to reality – have an awesome, productive day everybody!