Curb appeal? Here’s a prime example.

curb appeal for sureI love our neighborhood.  There are many homeowners there who understand how curb appeal can really enhance the feel of the neighborhood and home resale values.  We enjoy taking our English Springer Spaniels for a run in the neighborhood, and when we do it’s so nice to see appealing homes like the one pictured above.  Since it’s currently on the market, there’s likely a little bit of extra focus on keeping the yard in top-notch shape (which is a very smart decision by the sellers).  Many studies have shown that home buyers often make their decision about a home within the first minute or two of entering the front door.  Of course the drive-up appeal can be a huge part of their first impression.

Have an awesome day!  Get outside and enjoy some of the great curb appeal in your neck of the woods…


Real or faux? A model home adventure…


Real or faux?  A model home adventure...

While touring some model homes in the Marine Creek area of NW Fort Worth on Friday, I came across the best-looking faux asian food I’ve EVER seen! Here’s a photo of this wok extraordinaire. Gotta love home shopping, huh?

For more info about Marine Creek Ranch, visit their HOA page. Several home builders are positioned there, including Cheldan Homes, First Texas Homes, and Plantation Homes.

Have an awesome day, and don’t eat any faux food, please. 😉